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what we do

DESIGNR is a skilled graphic-design service focusing on personalized and custom innovations.


We offer unique services in day-of event and wedding stationery, welcome signs, wedding programs, milestone boards, and other event signage.

Additional to these services, our team is open to all other design requests. 

our design process

We create and customize a design that meets each individuals personal expectations by bringing their visions to life. 

DESIGNR starts with a blank canvas and creatively works towards generating a design that meets each clients needs. 

By giving our clients the complete creative freedom within each creation, all designs are completely customizable based on size, colour, theme, illustrations, materials, etc.

what we offer

Our shop offers both digital and print versions of each design. All prices reflect the design cost and printing/shipping services are priced separately.


The best way to achieve a better understanding of how DESIGNR can serve you, is to take a look at our products here or contact us here for more details. 

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